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This page contains a list of podcasts between Engineering Videos (Tim) and AceThePe.com (Andy). In these podcasts we discuss Engineering Videos, the Civil PE exam, and live as a civil engineer. For more audio podcasts, visit AceThePe.com.
Past Podcasts
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Podcast #14: 2012-06-28 (41:27)

In this episode Andy (AceThePE.com) interviews Jim Monroe (CivilPEREview.com) about what sort of pitfalls to be wary of when studying to pass the PE exam.

Podcast #13: 2012-06-15B (15:54)

In this episode Andy (AceThePE.com) and I discuss asking for a raise after passing the PE exam and what to expect.

Podcast #12: 2011-06-15A (26:12)

In this episode Andy (AceThePE.com) and I answer a few Q&A session. We answer the questions of people who have emailed in to ask qustions. Ask a question in the box at the top of this page if you want to hear a response in an upcoming podcast.

Podcast #10: 2012-05-03 (29:53)

In this episode Andy (AceThePE.com) and I strategies to improve study effectiveness and exam results. We mention our own PE exam experiences and how our tips helped us succeed.

Podcast #9: 2011-08-25 (25:50)

In this episode Andy (AceThePE.com) and I discuss this website, EngineeringVideos.Net and how civil engineers can benefit from the videos and other resources on this website.
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