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Engineering Videos Blog
Getting Pumped Up
February 18, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

Time to get pumped up for the big day! This blog explores a few ways to get pumped and keep the energy and excitement alive to help you feeling confident and juiced.

When To Start Studying
December 4, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

If you have never taken the PE exam before, I recommend starting your studies between 2 months and 10 months before the exam. But the exact timing depends on the individual.

Taking Long Study Breaks
November 16, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

When preparing for an exam month after month after month, a long study break helps avoid burnout. This blog discusses looooooooooooooooooooooooooong study breaks.

After The Exam
October 28, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

You just finished the exam! Whoa! What a relief! Now you have your life back. This blog provides a few suggestions and reminders for right after the exam.

The Final Week of Preparation
October 17, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

Think of your final week of preparation as putting on the finishing touches to a fine tuned machine, and that machine is your brain. Ready for show time!

Taking Short Study Breaks
October 3, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

Short study breaks are essential for keeping fresh and avoiding burnout during your studies. This blog entry discusses a few ideas on how to get the most out of your study breaks.

What to Wear on Exam Day
September 29, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

On exam day, don't let your clothing keep you from being on top of your game. Dress business casual, and be comfortable. This blog gives a few pointers on dressing for success.

Calculator Basics
September 5, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

Is your calculator on the approved list? Do you have a back up? Do you know how to use your calculator? A quick checklist of things to think about regarding your calculator.

Setting Limits To Help Your Studies
August 20, 2013 · Tim Nelson · 

Having trouble beginning your studies for the PE Exam? This post provides a few ideas of how you can set limits to help you get started with your studies.